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Resurrecting an old thread... even this might better relate to FS-UAE.

I am using FS-UAE (A4000, P96, lots of RAM) and I am having almost the same problem, but in a different place inside the game (and NOT where Marskilla had it!).

Everytime I try to leave the powerhouse (where I can switch on/off generators), I got a "Program Failed (error #80000008)". The game seems to work otherwise, but this one place always crashes it.

Marskilla: how did you did the 68882 FPU + 'more compatible' setting in FS-UAE? I tried it by putting in custom configurations "fpu_model = 68882" and "fpu_strict = true" but it had no affect in my case.

I have patched the game, but not copied everything manually to the HDD. I just did the default install from the CD. Do I still need to do some manual assigns (as Arnie suggested above)? I am running the RTG version. Disk image from the Zone.

One thing that I though *might* have something to do with the problem; I have installed the game into a drive that is actually a mounted folder from my Mac.

Other than this, I am already loving the game
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