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Ok guys, i spent the whole afternoon and stayed up until 4.00 am at Thierry's house, and i met there Benoist Aron, the Tennis Cup, Dragon Ninja, Quadrel, Flashback and Croisière pour un cadavre (cruise for a corpse) coder.

The BAD :

- He never kept any source code with him, unfortunately.

The GOOD :

- He is a senior software Engineer, born the 26/01/1968 (Can this be added on HOL please ?)

- He has the original copy of Harricana (boxed) made for loriciel. I must meet him at Thierry's house in 2 or 3 weeks for the dumping of this ultra rare retail original.

- I gave to Benoist all the IPF of the games he has worked on.

- I asked him about Rygar conversion, and he told me that it is complicated to do on an A500. I learnt that he is a guy totally focused on code optimization (even today).

- i asked him about the coding between Atari ST and Amiga : he explained me that if you start to code a game on the ST, it's almost impossible to then port the game and use the maximum out of the Amiga. There are too many routines to adapt and change and it's overly complicated. From his point of view it's easier to do the contrary : you work out the game for the amiga, use it fully, and then you remove code routines that are impossible to pass or convert on the ST. The compromise works in this way.

- For instance, he told me himself and confirmed that flashback was impossible to port on Atari ST, this because of the way the palette was used and the amount of colors. Flashback is a 32 colors game, with colors shared between sprites and background and all those used to the maximum, it was not suitable to downgrade them in 16 colors, and the game was mostly coded in C with ASM snippets.

- He was the guy how has added the teleport 2nd copy protection in Flashback (ahahah !) and was delighted that this 2nd one was actually not defeated when the game was released in the shops

- He told me that he had regrets about porting Dragon Ninja on home computers, because of how the game was demanding, the coding started on ST, and done in parallel also for the amiga, with graphics shared between both.

- He started on a Vic 20 to code, then he had a commodore 64.

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