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This is just unfair.. now that I live close enough to bike there I happen to go & stay for few weeks in Europe just a day earlier

Originally Posted by demoniac View Post
July 25th & 26th 2015 - Computer History Museum, Mountain View, CA

The main event for the banquet will be a panel discussion of original Amiga Developers including:
  • Dale Luck
  • Carl Sassenrath
  • Dave Needle
  • RJ Mical
  • Plus more
The panel topics will cover start-up life in 1985, building the Amiga 1000, how the Amiga influenced technology of the last 30 years.
Additional speakers will include:
  • Trevor Dickinson, co-founder and managing director of A-EON Technology, makers of next generation Amiga systems and software.
  • Colin Proudfoot, Former Managing Director of Commodore Business Machines (UK)
  • Mike Battilana, Founder CEO of Cloanto, maker of the Amiga Forever emulation software.
We will also have video presentations including a special extended clip from the upcoming “Viva Amiga” documentary video presented by “Viva Amiga” producer Zack Weddington.
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