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hi toni
Thank you very much for WinUAE program works.I'm programming with C language on Amiga. But i use cross compiler vbcc for windows.Building software after doing tests on WinUAE.

i want to ask a quesiton.
I encountered two problems.

first , WinUAE correctly working on the my intro coded . intro have got virtual sprites .but When tested on real hardware crashes.

second , i coded x fighter animation dual playfield mode and 8 color mode each for playfield.this animation for ecs chipset.Fighter made it bob image.WinUAE correctly working . When tested on real hardware fighter bob image problem shows ,you can see below videos. Thanks again

real hardware config A1200 ,apollo 1240 32mb , dce scan magic / flicker free ,4gb cf card ,OS 3.9

winuae config A1200 , 68040 cpu with fp and mmu , 32 mb fast ram ,aga chipset , Os 3.1

Test on winuae emu.

[ Show youtube player ]

Test on Real hardware

[ Show youtube player ]

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