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From the cd.....

Since theres lots of Fairlight related music, we could not fit it all on the
audio tracks of this cd.
But we will try to include all Fairlight related music in diverse formats here.
Loads of remixes for the Druid and Wizardry songs exists out there in the world.
It's obvious we can't include them all as Audio-CD-tracks.
But we will try to include all of them here.
The DAT-dir includes a lot of other SID-tunes aswell.
NOTE...SID is the audio chip on c64, on the c64 there is lots of different trackers.
DAT is the dataformat of SID music, standard format for SID-players.

-- I will make the cd available on my ftp so you can get the individual files on it. It will be under the amiga directory.
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