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Originally Posted by grizzlyaddams View Post
TBH I was researching the Amigas when I did a best offer for a price that I didn't expect the guy to take. He accepted though and here I am.

My biggest hurdles ATM are getting a color picture, and also the keyboard I received with my unit was smashed and the PCB cracked inside. I told the seller and he said he would check storage for another keyboard. They don't seem easy to find, or cheap.

I am not looking to go through the trouble of reselling this A2000 so I will probably get it up and running with a hard drive, Indivision ESC (anyone have one for sale?!), the Gotek, and a little RAM.

If I buy a A1200 or A4000 in the future I would likely keep my A2000 as well.
If you are having trouble getting a replacement genuine keyboard, try something like this...

I know its not the original experience, but it makes sourcing the keyboard part very easy (PS/2 keyboards are plentiful). You might also check over at AmiBay, someone might have a used one for better value for you.
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