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Originally Posted by WayneK View Post
I like the look of that, but really the question should be turned around:

Do *YOU* want to make an Amiga game?

If you're doing it for the love of the platform/challenge of porting it, I would say go for it.
If you're doing it for the endless adoration of the Amiga community, I would say forget about it and begin work on one of the many ideas you probably had during the development of the Win/Linux version of Rising Runner

On a personal level, I'd like to see it on Amiga although I don't see anything in the short video that couldn't be done on A500/OCS rather than A1200.
I would love to make an Amiga game, but at present I just can't justify the time to myself because I can't really afford time to code for "fun".

The Amiga community is far, far too diverse for me to gain the adoration of them all, but I'd like to to at least not go completely ignored like some of my previous PC projects have.

The reason I say unexp-A1200 is just because that's the minimum spec I can test on outside of emulation.

Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
As Wayne said, that game is doable without any kind of problem on a 512K A500, let alone an A1200 with hard drive. I see no reason why even a standard AmigaDOS disk would get full with a game that size.

I think you underestimate the power of an Amiga

Secondly, like Wayne said, do it for the challenge, but any dreams of making a tonne of money on it? Forget it. Its not that i'm slagging your game off, but recently, a load of games have made it to the Amiga of a pretty high calibre, and they were all free.

Someone will buy it, no doubt about it, but making money on Amiga is probably only likely for an absolute KILLER game that is sorely wanted and people would be prepared to support, and frankly, no-ones interested in trying that hard
Yeah. My minimum spec is just what I have at hand for testing on real hardware.

If I do port Rising Runner across, the Amiga version would be 100% free, just the PC versions that would not be.

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