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Porting games to amiga for fun - worth it?

A quick bit of knowledge: I'm a solo game developer outside the world of amiga, going by the name of Magicbane and I made a game that I'm considering porting to Amiga for fun.

The game is called Rising Runner and is a puzzle runner with a limited palette(16 cols!)
If you want to see the Windows/Linux version in action there's a link >>Here<< (please consider buying it cause i like to eat and stuff)

My mind is set on using AMOS Professional, since I have it ready to use but I'm more bothered right now about whether it's worth taking the time away to make a free version for Amiga once it's released on Win/Linux.

I'd estimate the requirements to be around the unexpanded A1200+HD mark and would be developing on my A1200 for the most part. Most of the game data wouldn't be cross compatible with the desktop versions since I'd be converting to native formats but I'd make extra effort to make sure you can play the custom levels on both PC and amiga.

What I really want to know is would it be worth it? Since the structure of the game is easily portable(go me) it shouldn't take a long time but I don't really want to work on something that the community wouldn't give a fuck about.
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