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Originally Posted by Michael Sykes View Post
Just want to say welcome to the Amiga.
Gotek and a little ram are fine for playing old games on a TV. No need to go for the IndiECS. Most games dont flicker and if you don't want to use PC(31KHz) monitor it's just a waste of money imho. If you can get one it's still a nice add for the 2000.
But I would buy some 1.3 or better 2.x roms.

If you ever concider getting a HDD you should go for kick 3.1,more ram(8MB), a better cpu(030) and WHDLoad.
The best way to play old Amiga games.
That's pretty much my intention, just to play Amiga games, do side by sides with my ST, etc. Biggest problem now is actually getting the image displayed on my TV or monitor. The A520 I was sold under the pretense it was NTSC was actually PAL, and I can't find a NTSC one now to save my life.

If not the Indivision ECS, what would you recommend? My TV of course has rf, composite, component, and HDMI. I also have several 31khz VGA monitors I could use, hence the Indi ECS. I thought about the cheap chinese rgb to vga converters but then I'd have to build the patch cable (not a big deal but the easier the better)
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