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Originally Posted by ajack View Post
Is there is a better or updated HDToolBox/HDInst which we can use? Perhaps something to break the 8GB barrier? Or is it too late to install with BetterWB and needs to be done prior to installing WB 3.1 on CF/HDD?
To support large drives on an Amiga you need both an updated FastFileFilesystem and scsi.device for a start. Anyway, big drive geometry can be manually set in HDToolBox/HDInst without issues but requires some slightly advanced knowledge.

AmigaOS 3.1 by default properly supports drives up to 4GB. You can use bigger drives (up to 128GB, if I am not mistaken) but only partitions in the first 4GB will be recognized and properly used.

BetterWB updates FastFileFilesystem from 3.1 extending the partition recognition and use up to 8GB (remember to use the quickformat option, not the full format for this).

Anyway, I suggest you use PFS3 (which is already included in BetterWB) which is a better Filesystem in all aspects and can overcome the drive limits. Take a look at its documentation to properly set up and use or follow the guidelines set in a thread about it here in EAB.
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