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RetroCollect Tournament Lineup

The folk at RetroCollect have revealed their tournament lineup for Play Blackpool and it’s another good one. Here’s what they have said…

Time flies when you’re playing retro games, so much so it’s that time of year again where we gear ourselves up for a pixel-packed weekend at the seaside. Once again RetroCollect will be making a proud appearance at Replay Events’ Play Blackpool, with plenty of gaming challenges on offer.

For the last few years we’ve aided Replay Events at the majority of their events with what we do best – retro games. Bringing along a selection of handpicked challenges with prizes to be won, we’ll be putting the RetroCollectees out there to the test on the Super Nintendo, Sega Mega Drive, and many other platforms too.

Elsewhere at the show members of this very site can look forward to catching up again in person, and spending a weekend away at the arcades too. We’ll also be bringing along our much loved freebie table too – a space allocated for retro gamers to either donate or take anything they’d like for free, whether it be unloved NES games, ZX Spectrum tapes, or anything at all.

But enough with the niceties, what challenges do we have in store for you this time round?

NEW – Waggle-O-Mania Championships (Commodore Amiga)
NEW – 16-Bit Flappy Bird (Super Nintendo)
NEW – F-Zero Score Attack (HuZero Homebrew on PC Engine)
Sonic Robotnik Boss Rush (Sega Mega Drive)
Sonic 2 Time Trials (Sega Mega Drive)
Nintendo NES World Championships (Nintendo NES)
Soldier Blade Caravan Special (PC Engine)
Master System World Championships (Sega Master System)
Donkey Kong Country Challenge (Super Nintendo)
Starfox Challenge (Super Nintendo)
Super Nintendo World Championships (Super Nintendo)

All of our competitions are free to play as many times as you like over the long weekend, with prizes up for grabs for the greatest high-scores amassed. Simply turn and show off your skills.

Needless to say we’re looking forward to another seaside adventure which will no doubt leaving us longing for the next event. Until then, be sure to let us know if you’re attending and we’ll see you all in Blackpool.
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