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Originally Posted by CMTX View Post
Hello Jens, i've recently bought an ACA1233 and I want to upgrade it to the FPU option. I know its drawbacks but it's worth it imho . Sadly, I couldn't find any information about it in the, so I want to make you a question.
FPU support on that card is not official, so putting info in the Wiki has no priority. Check this post, it should answer all questions if you have a rough idea what you're doing:

Originally Posted by Zippy Zapp View Post
Can't wait to see the new ACA-500 as the original is one of the best expansions you can own for an A500, IMHO.
Is there any news on the Network/USB module for the ACA-500?
The new ACA500plus will have the same connector for USB/network, but in order to make the module compatible with both versions (ACA500 and ACA500plus), I need to have a prototype with final features before I can get to that. No timeframe yet, sorry.

Originally Posted by JimDrew View Post
Hi Jens. In reference to the C64 reloaded board... I assume that connector CN4a (next to CN4, the IEC connector) also has the IEC pins. If that is the case, can I get the pinout of that connector? Is that a .100" pitch? I would like to make my uDrive compatible with your board. Thanks!
C64 Reloaded is on highest priority, and that part of the documentation will be in the wiki in the next few days.

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