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I ordered a pre-programmed Gotek floppy from eBay and a set of WB1.3 disks from AmigaKit. Once I get that stuff I can start testing and playing with the computer.

I'm looking for the best game compatibility.

I'm considering these upgrades, in order:
1) IDE/SCSI Riser and HD (SCSI is better? Just get CF?)
2) RAM (Riser?)
3) 3.1 ROM (Need new workbench, new other?)
4) ECS (Riser or Chip?)
5) Accelerator (Riser?)
6) CD Rom

Which upgrades need drivers so I can be prepared? Anything not worth it? Anything essential I am omitting?

Are there any specific nuances to the rev 4 motherboard? I saw comments here and there but only things like "you'll have trouble."

Thanks again.
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