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New Amiga 2000 owner and user, but I have no software.

Hi all, I grew up on various Atari computers and C64, etc. I have been rebuilding my Atari collection lately and also came into an A2000 computer, which I was interested in because of it's gaming power over the Atari ST.

It seems like a stock A2000 rev 4.2
I only have the A2000, mouse, keyboard, internal floppy and external floppy. Definitely no hard drive.

I hooked the computer up to a television using the mono port. It powers on and has a kickstart 1.2 logo and asks for a workbench disk. I do not have a workbench disk.

What are my options for getting the computer going? I ordered Workbench 1.3 set from amigakit but as it is coming from the UK and I am in the US I imagine it will be awhile.

I have read it is not possible to write ADF files using PC, as I do with my ST files. I did actually find a disk in the external drive labeled "PenPal Program." if I put this disk in, it will boot to version 1.3.2 of workbench. Is there anything I can do from here to create disks, etc?

I would also like to add a hard drive. It doesn't appear to have a built in controller, so I would have to buy one? Is a specific hard drive also required?

My other thoughts include definitely getting a gotek floppy pre-flashed, and possibly a ram upgrade card.

I've read about updating to 3.1 kickstart rom but that it could be troublesome especially with a rev 4 motherboard.

Thanks in advance for your help!
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