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Originally Posted by fitzsteve View Post
No I don't have an A600 anymore.

I have an A500 but it's enough with ACA500 so I'm patiently waiting for A1200 version, I'm most interested for AGA Demos and Novacoders ports so the A1200 is my target machine for this upgrade.
I hear ya, I actually got a 600 just to put the Vampire 2 in it. (Although to be fair the 500 has seen better days so the 600 kind off replaces that one too). At the time, it wasnt obvious if and when a 1200 version was coming.
Now, with a little luck (and plenty of hard work obviously) by the time we start seeing 1200 board prototypes, the Apollo / Phoenix team has had some time to work on the graphics core as well.
Then maybe we can say hello to chunky gfx and HDMI out.
It surely will open a couple of new doors for various projects.
(Odamex, duke nukem 3d, quake 2) etc.
Interesting times ahead.
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