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Originally Posted by manic23 View Post
Can I ask if this 040 issue affects all 040 CPUs or is it only in a stock A3640 card? I have a WarpEngine 4040 coming so I'd like to know if I will have the issue with that as well.
You should be fine mate, it was working fine with my WE040

I do have some issues with devices dropping out at the moment but I think it might be something in setup (I need to experiment) if you remember it worked perfectly when I first installed it, you were here.

Could even be a power issue in my case as you know my A4k is pretty well loaded and only a stock PSU.

If I run mine in ZIII mode the USB stack hangs the Amiga if I try and disable it. It does not do this in ZII mode but I still get the drop out's either way, fixed by a powercycle in ZII mode but again locks up in ZIII mode if I try and powercycle.

I really need to spend some proper time with it!
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