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Roll eyes (sarcastic) are you pondering what i'm pondering?

I wonder if it wouldn't be much cheaper to give only a 100 bucks to Manfred Trenz and ask him for his master.If he ever had one and had not sold it yet. Wait was he even involved in CD version development...
However, on all the pictures I could find it looks like he needs the money more than any of those greedy ebay sellers.

I'd say a 100 would be my limit for that game. Even in good condition.
Let's say in that price segment one would normaly expect NeoGeoCD titles.
But I'm not a real collector and I'm a bit stingy when it comes to games.
And I have no clue how "rare" that game really is.
Or maybe if someone just printed a selfmade CD and a booklet to make some easy money.
Thats why I don't trust ebay. You never really know what you get.

PS:A shame Trenz and THQ never finished Turrican3D.He had a big vison about his game and the developer had another vison about quick and easy money.
Sad story and OT ,I know ,sorry for that.
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