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Also this is interesting:

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Q: Hi Dave, You mentioned there were 50 of these produced? Was that 50 working 3000+ motherboards hidden in regular Amiga 3000 cases.? If one was to find one of these 3000+s in the wild, is there a way to tell its one of these "special" Amigas without popping the case off?

A: I _though_ I had explained it pretty clearly, sorry. This a blank board for the Amiga 3000+. Two were actually built up. Neither worked, due to the solder issue. Later on, there was a different design, which I called the "AA3000", that stripped some of the good stuff out of the A3000+ design, because we needed a AA chipset prototype for developers, and that's all that management would allow. These were distributed mounted on standoffs on plywood sheets only -- the new management would not allow any to be put into A3000 cases, and anyone caught with one in an A3000 case was subject to big problems. They were trying to kill the idea of a proper A3000 followup as a real product. The A4000 that you all eventually got was something different: SCSI stripped out, no DSP, no CD-quality audio, etc.
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