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Originally Posted by dJOS View Post
So the on/off switch would be on the cartridge sized case?
Not a switch, but a button that will toggle on/off.

Originally Posted by dJOS View Post
Edit: another cool option for the switch would be and inline unit close to the Amiga end of the cable, then we could shove the power brick and adaptor under our desks saving a lot of space.
For the Amiga, I'm planning an 5V/8amp DC-DC converter. This requires quite a thick cable, and it's stretching the specs of the connector(s).

Length of the cable between the cartridge and the computer is planned to be 50cm, which should be long enough to find a nice space next to/behind the computer. The voltage drop in the cable will be compensated by a "sense" wire that is routed back from the connector to the control circuit, so the voltage is controlled "at the connector" and not at the source of the cable. With modern DC-DC converters, that's easy to do.

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