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Planet Potion and its sequel Future Visions are probably the best intros on Amiga ever, but AFAIK they are very picky about the hardware they work on. IIRC they only work with BPPC/BVision combo... even CSPPC/CVisionPPC which also is Permedia2 fails.

I think there aren't any 3D gfx card supported with WinUAE currently and Wazp3D is the only chance to get any 3D accelerated stuff to work, or am I mistaken?

There are some older (late 90s mostly) PPC demos which do work without 3D acceleration (some Venus Art, Creative Minds and Mankind stuff etc), but the best and the latest ones require Warp3D.. and most shouldn't be as picky as Potion's intros.

For a good software rendered PPC demo I'd try Glare by MadWizards. It should work with any RTG card I think...

If Warp3D demos can be get to work somehow, then I'd recommend Encore's and MaWi's demos, they're great.
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