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New products for C64 and Amiga from Individual Computers

Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
What I'm thinking of is an external unit that goes between the computer and a laptop PSU. Yes, it's a lot like pico PSU, but comes with the added bonus of the right connectors, the right power on the important rails (no need for 3.3V in an Amiga), so you don't need to solder anything, and you don't need to fear cross-regulation trouble. Further, PicoPSU is an open circuit board, and I will most likely use a C64 cartridge case. Not sure if this can be considered "tidy".

Maybe the C64 version fits in a Micromys V4 case - can't tell at this point.

(xboxown's question also came in via eMail and was answered there)

So the on/off switch would be on the cartridge sized case? That could work and I'd certainly be interested in 1 at least.

Edit: another cool option for the switch would be and inline unit close to the Amiga end of the cable, then we could shove the power brick and adaptor under our desks saving a lot of space.

Ps. I do realise that last idea would likely add cost, but if it is minimal it would be well worth it. I always envied the Atari guys with their case mounted on/off switch.
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