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Originally Posted by wXR View Post
Photon, a portal site as you describe is what I am considering putting together.
If you're going to make any site, it's a good idea to first think of existing attempts and then think of how they failed at their premise. Look at OpenAmiga - a complete failure in my opinion.

Personally, I think it needs to integrate well with the existing solutions, while having... any advantage for the developer.

Some ideas:
- No point in reimplementing GitHub that is already doing a fine job at repository management and bug tracking. But maybe there is a point in building something Amiga-specific around it, like for example automated CVS->git gateway for all projects, to help people working on classic Amiga projects. GitHub has an extensive API. Another advantage would be external authentication (last thing I need is another amiga-related login/pass to remember).
- Don't reimplement the forums system, it's better to just ask admins to create another project here on EAB.

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