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1. Turrican II
I never understood the love for this game, it's good, but not great. Never really got the feel for this game or the mechanics. Give me Lionheart, Zool, Ruff N Tumble etc instead.

2. North & South
I really like this game, but I do think it is a touch overrated for what it is.

3. Superfrog
Overrated, overhyped. Maybe Zool was more overhyped, but people don't seem to overrate the game a great deal (or maybe they do, I don't know).

4. Shadow of the Beast
Ok, the controls aren't that great and the game is way too hard, but I also think the graphics/music is overrated. Don't get me wrong, they're nice, but I think Agony gets knocked down way more than SOTB for being pretty but no gameplay. I think Agony has acceptable gameplay/difficulty, but SOTB doesn't.

5. Laser Squad
The Amiga version isn't all that great. It's uglier and buggier than the 8-bit versions, overrated on the Amiga. I'd play the C64 version over this.

Other mentions: Alien Breed, Zool


1. Hunter
Probably not as underrated any more, but when I played it a few years ago, not many had heard of it, a fantastic 3D running around killing stuff and doing missions game. The fun of flying helicopters and destroying stuff can't be beat, not to mention tanks n stuff.

2. Tanx
Right, it isn't Worms or Scorched Tanks, but it is a very fun little two player game that deserves a little bit more attention.

3. Death Mask (CD32)
Ok, it is no DooM killer or even a Wolfenstein 3D killer, but give it a chance! On the CD32 with strafing it actually is a very playable game with a fantastic soundtrack and atmosphere. Take it for what it is, a 3D maze crawler (following a grid) with guns and you may learn to (sorta) enjoy it.

4. Behind The Iron Gate
Takes a little bit of getting used to. Played with the mouse in a 3D enviornment, collecting keys to open doors, get guns and shoot stuff. But yeah, excellent FPS game that runs on an A500 with some nice/weird graphics very smoothly.

5. Extreme Violence
The nearest thing I can find to C-Dogs on the Amiga. Two player kill each other in a randomly(?) generated map, lots of power ups etc. The only game of it's type I've found on the Amiga, thus underrated.

Other mentions: Knights, Agony (the gameplay actually is quite good!), Alien Bash 2, Torvak, Biplanes, Super Bob Dylan

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