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Photon, a portal site as you describe is what I am considering putting together. I think your idea about Kickstarters/microdonations is a pretty good notion too, with the weight of my personal preference on small-scale Kickstarters... I believe the community is too small to make microdonations feel terribly meaningful, but we could always try it.

Regarding my earlier question of how much it would cost to "free" AmigaOS 1.0-3.9, it might be a good time to start figuring with crystal clarity out who actually owns that, and what it would take to pry it from their hands. I don't want to simply say "that's impossible", because it surely isn't.

For now I think some useful work would be continuing to round up lists of existing open source stuff as has been done here by Korodny, so we have some lay of the land.
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