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Originally Posted by leathered View Post
Or is it that you are not guaranteed this first frame if you are facing an attacking frame in the same instance – in which case the program decides randomly which is the victor?
I think this might be what is happening.
But there is one thing that is intersting, if you do a dragon punch while you stand up not facing the oponnent then the dragon punch is 100% if you time correctly. (and I have a 100% success rate on it). Which let me think that in this situation, there is one added frame of unvulnerability where the player reorient itself and at the same time throws the dragon punch, thus making it 100%.

It is like if the program is doing: if facing opposite direction, reorient while unvlunerable and in the same frame the dragon punch is scheduled for launch in the next frame while the player is in a state of unvulnerabilty, the next frame the dragon punch is started, thus having two frames of unvulnerabilty (pre dragon punch reorientation frame, and dragon punch actual frame after the reorientation).

When facing the opponent, there is no reorientation and thus no unvulnerabilty and the dragon punch is scheduled for the next frame, and if the opponent hits in the pre dragon punch frame (the frame where the input is processed) then there is a hit.

This is just speculations of my part, but there is other bugs in SF2 (while reading the developpers, they for example stated that they forgot to tag some frames an unvulnerable).

An interesting article on SF2 from the original developper:
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