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Deuteros - I don't hear much about this game. I've never seen a clone of it (Millennium 2.2 doesn't really count!)
Supremacy - it has fantastic gameplay, fantastic music and functional graphics. Hard as hell but was fantastic on both the C64 and Amiga
Dreamweb - a novel idea that was actually aimed at adults. I'd love films to actually take a chance and actually have 18 films again aimed at adults and the same with games - it's so rare
D/Generation - another fantastic gem - I could play this for hours but it can get a little repetitive and frustrating. Not realising there was a save system caught me out for a while!
Manhunter New York / San Francisco - I know most people will probably hate these games but I really enjoyed them. Mainly because the games had nice manuals which set the scene perfectly. I quite liked the World as well and was disappointed the series wasn't finished off.

Sleepwalker - I read a ton of reviews and tried really hard to play this game through. After the first level it becomes more of a rage fest then anything else.
Alien Breed - it's such a frustrating game especially when you get the timers on to vacate the level and then get blocked by an Alien. Argh!
Lost Patrol - controversial one really as I actually liked the game but it was the most unfair game I've ever played! Very stylised game and actually had some fantastic parts but when you all die because of something you have no control over the rage beast rears it's head!
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