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Originally Posted by Korodny View Post
Of course you do. The GPL contains very specific information as to what you can do with the object code - i.e. only distribute it with a clear statement it's GPL software, include either the sourcecode or an offer to send out the sources to anyone who asks for them etc. - so just like with any other product license, you need to agree to it before using the software.
I think all GPL users should hate it too. But the fact is that a lot of them are essentially assholes that think users aren't worth shit (and I do have experience with "a few" such people).
The GPL _doesn't_ require accepting the licence for using it, it only regulates modification and distribution of software. Requiring accepting the licence before installing it is an additional requirement that logically should go against the GPL itself. But the FSF doesn't think so.

The GPL doesn't require that the user explicitly confirms its consent, of course. And afaict it only happens on Windows - probably based on the assumption that Windows users have no clue what free software is. I can't remember ever seeing a GPL notice pop up on Linux.
Some software shows the GPL licence informing the users of their rights under it _but_ doesn't require the user to accept it for installing. That's the right way to do it. Some only mentions the licence in documentation and that's acceptable.

Under Linux one commonly install using some type of packet manager which will list the licence of the software. Or one will compile it oneself.
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