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Originally Posted by Megol View Post
I absolutely hate people that uses the GPL and then "requires" one to accept the licence when installing a binary file. It is allowed by the GPL for some reason _but_ one doesn't have to accept the licence to use the software!
Of course you do. The GPL contains very specific information as to what you can do with the object code - i.e. only distribute it with a clear statement it's GPL software, include either the sourcecode or an offer to send out the sources to anyone who asks for them etc. - so just like with any other product license, you need to agree to it before using the software.

The GPL doesn't require that the user explicitly confirms its consent, of course. And afaict it only happens on Windows - probably based on the assumption that Windows users have no clue what free software is. I can't remember ever seeing a GPL notice pop up on Linux.

Originally Posted by Minuous View Post
There are/were commercial games such as Yahtzee, Monopoly (if memory serves) and suchlike distributed alongside Red Hat Linux...
"were", not are. Even the free software crowd needed some time to understand all copyright and trademark issues.

GPL and suchlike don't seem to have any restrictions at all about adding such things.
It does, see section 5(c) of GPL v3 or section 2(b) of GPL v2.

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