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Anyway, just need to know when the Reply and the 060 board is out in the wild. Thinking strongly about buying both.

Is what yaqube was saying in another thread on here still the case?

"The Replay board is able to host Minimig AGA core (which can be switched into OCS/ECS compatibility modes) and allows all AGA stuff to work. This core comes with a lot of additional goodies: 8MB of FAST RAM, 1.5MB of SLOW RAM, 48MB of extra CHIP RAM, support for 2MB ROMs, 24-bit AHI sound, Picasso96 compatible RTG board capable of 1920x1080 resolution and full colour display (although not at the same time).

The Replay board can be easily expanded with different sorts of daughterboards. For example the one which I have made has a real 68060 CPU running at 106MHz, 128MB of local SDRAM, High Speed USB host controller, Fast Ethernet controller, RTC, micro SD card socket, TOSLINK optical audio output."
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