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Hey Schoenfeld,

I need your help in couple of things. Is this compatible with ACA 500 The reason I am asking is because today I just received my ACA1233 card and hooked it into my ACA 500 on my miggy 500 and I was able to watch the full episode of duckman at 28 fps with good quality sound and images and I loved it. My dream of watching movies on an Amiga 500 have finally become reality. I want to convert all the movies and cartoon shows from my PC HD to run on my Amiga 500 and I wish to watch them on my miggy 500. With a 256 GB capacity I will be able to store 64 movies if each movie is 4 GB in file size. That is why the larger the capacity of the CF the better for me, I want to turn my miggy 500 into a multimedia center. I also wish to put lots of mp3s in there as well, so it is very important for me to have HUGE, HUGE, and I mean HUGE disk space. The CF will be formatted as PC FAT32 so my Amiga should be able to see 500 GB if the situation arises.

Anyways, can you please tell me if that CF card is compatible with my ACA 500? Second question, which firm update do I need to fix a bug in my ACA500? Every time my Amiga 500 gurus for whatever reason instead of instantly seeing the guru screen and restarting immediately I get black screen and power LED turns off. I have to reboot my Amiga 500 again to see the guru then the Amiga resets again to boot and I find that annoying.

Plus another bug I noticed, if I switch to kickstart 1.3 mode I don't see the kickstart 1.3 insert disk screen...I just see the white scree or whatever color screen and the disk must be already in disk drive after reset in order for it to boot. Otherwise, if I put the disk later nothing happens and I have to soft reboot it. Is there a bug fix for this? What patch do I need to fix this?

P.S "Can I request firm update request feature. Can it be possible if the menu of the ACA500 when I disable the ACA500 that it literally 100% shuts off completely and it reverts back to the original CPU and kickstart on the main Amiga 500. That if I want to use the ACA500 again I have to turn off the Amiga and turn it back on. That when I disable ACA500 in the menu it simply shuts down the zorro II port or whatever reason."

Thanks in advance.

One final thing, you mentioned that my ACA500 have an IDE port to be able to use a CD-ROM in it. Where is the port? I cannot see it. Can you please put a picture showing the IDE port? Thanks in advance.

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