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Originally Posted by JimDrew View Post
LOL! Yeah, FUSION with a 33MHz 040 has way faster benchmarks than that - especially the FPU tests. We wrote complete Pack 4 and Pack 5 replacements, so the Mac FPU speed was 2-5 times faster than the real equiv. speed Mac.
The 68060 FPU is clocked higher and the instructions are generally less cycles than the 68040 FPU although the 68040 FPU can do a parallel FMOVE and has some advantages in memory/caches. The 68060 FPU should be able to outperform the 68040 FPU with 68040 optimized FPU code most of the time. Minor changes to take advantage of the 68060 FINT/FINTRZ instruction would give the 68060 FPU an even larger advantage. It would be interesting to compare Fusion results to the ShapeShifter results on the same hardware as well as see how well it runs. The FPGA Arcade 68060 daughter board is likely to be the first new 68k hardware capable and compatible enough to run Fusion even if you are biased against the 68060.

Originally Posted by clebin View Post
That's what I basing my crude calculations on - that 4x the speed of a 25mhz 030 would be something like a 25-33mhz 040. I'm happy for others to correct me on that. Still, I don't see how that's "much faster" than a 75mhz (or more) 060 as you said.
As much as some people want the FPGA CPU emulation to compete with the 68060 (it is the only future as the 68060 is dead end), the 68060 is potent, especially when overclocked. I can't see the TG68 FPGA CPU or its variants reaching even 68060@50MHz performance in the FPGA Arcade FPGA. The Phoenix/Apollo CPU in the FPGA Arcade may be able to outperform a 68060@100MHz but it is unlikely to appear in the FPGA Arcade. The 68060 daughter board would offer good performance and excellent value considering the features are more than performance.

1) easily overclockable 68060 performance
2) 100% 68060 compatibility including FPU and MMU
3) 128MB of memory
4) ethernet
5) USB

That's not bad for 100-150 Euros although I wish there was a PCI slot. I hope it gets produced as the Amiga would benefit from all kinds of high spec hardware.

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