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Originally Posted by JimDrew View Post
Mike has stated that with the caches enabled you will have more than a 4x speed boost to what you are seeing now. That will be improved upon as well.
That's what I basing my crude calculations on - that 4x the speed of a 25mhz 030 would be something like a 25-33mhz 040. I'm happy for others to correct me on that. Still, I don't see how that's "much faster" than a 75mhz (or more) 060 as you said.

A more minor point - Mike has said "close to 4x the speed" but you've translated that as "more than 4x speed boost". Is this based on a separate conversation or is it more exaggeration?

Obviously improvements can happen beyond that, but then we're getting very hypothetical when not even the caching work has been finished yet. You say "the FPGA's 020 core is much faster than the real 060 daughter board setup" without any kind of caveats.

So with all due respect, I think you're being a little misleading and as a reseller you should be clear about the facts if someone is considering putting in a preorder with you. The FPGA Arcade is a great machine with even greater potential and it doesn't need any extra push. Again, if I'm wrong on any of this please correct me.


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