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So being hit while doing a standing dragon depends on the attacker reaching the attacking frame before the dragon starts. But as you say the guard will always guard against an attacker while you are getting up – as though it's the first thing 'in the chain' that gets checked.
So if the timing of the dragon was so that it began as soon as the invulnerability of getting up had ended wouldn't that still render you invulnerable? Or is it that you are not guaranteed this first frame if you are facing an attacking frame in the same instance – in which case the program decides randomly which is the victor? I would still have thought the dragon to come out on top but if this is from the developers... Whenever I failed to land a standing dragon I always put it down to mistiming it...
I will play again! It sounds like you've been up against some masterful competitors, I never had to be that good in my local area.
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