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I want to bump this with more great news from the backers newsletter.

Holly Wrote:

Jez San Comes Aboard!

Big news for Starglider, Amiga, Atari and all-things-progressive backers! Jez San has come onboard with this project now! He’s going to come down to the Abbey Road sessions with us and sign a whole bunch of the original gaming music CDs too! Check the Kickstarter page NOW as these rewards are limited quantity - see COLLECTOR levels just added now!

I’m sure you all know who Jez is, but if you don’t then seriously do some reading up about him. This is the man responsible for Starglider 1 & 2 – the first 3D style graphics in a game ever! The first person to create a game developing company! The first person to develop the 3D chip for Nintendo (the story of how he did this is incredible!) and now he owns PKR one of the biggest and 3D online poker sites!

It was Jez who my dad worked closely with to get the sampled studio music with real vocals and synths playing out of the Atari ST in 1986 long before tracker music. Another first!

As Jez will be down at Abbey Road with us – we can interview both him and Dave about these Starglider days in the documentary that Lucy Lowe will be filming. It’s really exciting!

Also worth bearing in mind how cool this Abbey Road session is going to be. I'm going to do another blog / update about all the musicians and people that are coming along to this session as we'll have the studio for the full day. So if you know you've got a bit of cash in your account on May 4th, pledge for the Abbey Road studio session reward! Just hearing the orchestra live in the room with you will be incredible enough! Plus hanging around with us and Jez and all the musicians that are coming down and doing photographs on the Zebra crossing and being part of the documentary! It's one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences really!


Also please follow my Uncle Art Twitter handle @UncleArt_KS and retweet about Jez San.

What a world we live in!!

Now everybody sing STAAAAAAAARGLIDER.... on Rainbird!!!!
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