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I first saw SF2 on the aracade in 1990, I admit I wasn't really pulled towards it, and continued to spend my money on Shinobi mostly.

Then I saw the CE version and I played it to death.
Then came Super SF2, when I saw the increased speed, specials and ken's fire dragon punch, I decided to pass on it.
And continue to pass on all Street fighters since.

CE version is the absolute best version, especially the last Japanese set which was emulated in mame in 2012. (It removes some of the bugs I saw in all versions of CE, like the corner bug).

I still play SF2CE online using Supercade (well last time was too years ago), and I still keep learning every day .

There was some real great players last time I played Not sure what is the situation now.

There is also one element of randomneess that I learned about only when some SF2 tweets.
An example, if you time your dragon punch as soon as you stand up, and also you get at the same time an attack from the air (someone jumping on you), the program will randomly choose either to recive the hit.

It is only then that I got rid of my obsession to perfectly time the dragon punch on standup which I was thinking will be 100% effective if I timed it correctly which was not the case according to the developpers.
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