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Originally Posted by edd_jedi View Post
I never got past Sodom in Final Fight, whereas I have completed SOR2 many times so yes maybe you're right! But personally I don't think FF is anywhere near as technical or elegant as Street Fighter 2.
It isn't really, it's still a scrolling, button mashing beat em up. But if you're good at SF2 you'll get more out of Final Fight than some of the other beat-em ups. The combo system, while a shadow of what it became in SF2 is in there under the chaos, and makes it possible to play with some finesse. For me it makes the game that much more rewarding, and part of the challenge in re-producing the fun of the original lies in that – getting closer to the mark. One of the things I dislike from the original was the 'shifting' you can do to produce a never ending chain combo - to begin with that must be reproduced (it's probably a bug left over from the combo system) but then I think it needs to be removed somewhat.
Defeating Sodom without pumping in more cash requires a strategy. By far the best longplay I've found is this one: [ Show youtube player ]
Also the only place I've ever heard someone say there were 3 buttons in the original game.

I'm tidying what I've got for a playtest and then I'll put this out to those who are interested – and yes I'll include the ECS version to the bargain =).

Many thanks to Cylon for persevering and prompting an unscheduled debug of the source some time ago. My code lacks the finesse that you would have used, but we (the source and I) have become like an old married couple - for all her faults I know her - so I'm kind of stuck with it! =)
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