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Albion - Windows/Linux port.

It finally runs without any emulation. Tried the Windows port and it works fine, only the videos fail. Anyway, higher resolutions are supported. I had to use the sdl_mixer for music/sound. Check the readme for detailed installation infos.

It's my pleasure to announce that some great guy has finally ported Albion to Windows and Linux (download links)! So what's so great about this port? It works on modern computers, doesn't require any emulation, it's quite easy to run, and mainly, it has enhanced 3D rendering, allowing the game to run in native 3D mode on higher resolutions.


Just extract the contents of the archive into the Albion directory, rename (or copy) main.exe to albion.exe, and set SOURCE_PATH in SETUP.INI to relative directory, which should contain VIDEO and XLDLIBS (if your CD directory is ALBIONCD, set it as SOURCE_PATH=ALBIONCD\).


Check Albion.cfg, you might want to set Display_Fullscreen=yes and set higher resolution (3:2), also keep Display_Enhanced_3D_Rendering=on to enable the high-resolution 3D rendering.
If sound and music isn't working, try setting Audio_MIDI_Subsystem=sdl_mixer or other value, it might be tricky to get it working.

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