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Originally Posted by JimDrew View Post
With Mac emulation on the 060 you need superscaler off, and most often need the instruction cache as well (depending on the application). A 33MHz 040 beats a 50MHz 060 in Mac benchmarks.
I found the video with the 68060@106MHz.

[ Show youtube player ]

Do you think a 68040 can give this performance? The Mac benchmarks show the 68060@106MHz to outperform the 68040 and even early PPC processors.

Originally Posted by JimDrew View Post
What makes you think shifting of any width is "slow" on an FPGA?
Most FPGAs have multipliers which can be used for shifts but a 64 bit or even 53 bit shift is too wide for this. Larger shifts are not a problem but take more logic and several cycles. Even the 6888x could do a significand (fraction) shift in 1 cycle. Most FPU operations require the shift as part of the normalization process.
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