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Overated :

Harlequin. I recently discovered this game (since it was reviewed as some kind of "metroidvania", wich are 2 of my favorite games), and I really don't like it. Graphics, gameplay, animation, and design. I don't like it, but maybe with a bit of investment, I'll find a good game. But for now, I don't understand the good reviews.

Underrated :

Macdonald lands. The childish graphics and sponsor hide a great mario-like plateform game, with some nice ideas like the up side down plateforms, the invisible moving cubes, etc...THe only issue is the lack of 2 buttons optional mode.

Leander. A great plateform adventure game. Not the biggest levels you can find in a game, but very clever design, nice graphics and smooth animation and gameplay. The weapons store brings nice "all mighty power" feeling, and since you may loose everything you have to think twice before spending all your money in high end items or basic ones. Only issue is the fact you cannot have sound fx and music in the same time (wich is very sad on THE sound machine Amiga).

Lethal weapon. Licensed games often have bad reputation, but this one is a great plateform action game. Handling is perfect, graphics are simple but nice, and there is plenty of secrets in each level. One of the best chiptune music I listened in an amiga game too.
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