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A500+/A600 compatibility issues

It'd be good to have a definitive list of incompatible games, with descriptions of the failures and any fixed official releases (or hacks) if possible. There's a great one on WorldofSpectrum for the Spectrum +2A and +3, which I guess is inspiring me here. Using Amiga Power issue 8 from AMR, plus a few of my own recollections, I can make a start:

Compatible versions available:
Cybercon 3 (Kixx version, and perhaps some later full price copies?)
Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge (garbled graphics in original, fixed for GBH)
SWIV (Kixx version, rare)
World Championship Boxing Manager (GBH version - invisible mouse pointer on the original release)


Airborne Ranger
Axel's Magic Hammer
Barbarian 2 (Palace)
Blasteroids (freezes after loading, before displaying the title screen)
Bubble Bobble
Crime Wave
Dynasty Wars
Games Winter Edition
Ghouls N Ghosts
Grand Prix Master (crashed quite frequently)
Heroes of the Lance
Fantasy World Dizzy
Impossible Mission 2 (crashes during the intro speech)
Italy '90
Moonshine Races
Ninja Spirit
Road Blasters
Street Fighter
Super Grand Prix
Super Scramble Simulator (same issue as Lotus IIRC)
Treasure Island Dizzy
Turbo OutRun (freezes when attempting a perspective shift before the race starts - probably the closest any game comes without working)
TV Sports Football ('Recoverable Alert' error after a few seconds of loading - not recoverable, and a message normally only seen on 1.x systems)
Xiphos (resets after loading, immediately tries to load again - could be used a stress test for disc drives....)
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