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1 Bob's Bad Day (Psygnosis) - A topdown rotate-the-screen-to-move-the-character action puzzler. One of those that reviewers all liked and most players liked, but hardly anyone played. Nearly finished it - determined to do it one day

2 Wizkid (Ocean) - Surreal, varied and extremely funny in places (I'd've changed that final level though.....) Again, great reviews but not a big seller despite its lineage.

3 Cloud Kingdoms (Millenium) - Another topdown puzzler, with an amazing variety of levels requiring so many different skills, and a non-linear structure effectively allowing you to make it more action-y or more puzzly.

4 Tearaway Thomas (Global) - A proper console-style platformer, though definitely aimed at The Younger Player, even if it was challenging enough to keep older players going.

5 Awesome (Psygnosis) - Had the same stunning visual standard as the Beast series from the same guys, but with actual gameplay (and several types of it too). Amazing game-over music too.

1 Lotus 3 (Gremlin) - My feelings here are well-known. Far too slow without hacking the hardware, especially those mountain stages. Even then, it's unstructured, unfocussed, uneven difficulty, the worst of committe-thinking in trying to combine everything from the first two, but without undertanding why they were great.

2 Theme Park A500 (EA) - Nobody else seemed to notice how slow the responses were here (especially keyboard inputs - usually took 3 or 4 attempts just to type your name in correctly), the reduction of rides etc meant it took too long to get interesting, and it wasn't debugged. A pity as it was such a good game on the A1200 and PC (also loved the PC semi-sequel Theme Hospital too)

3 Innocent Until Caught (Psygnosis) - Again, who in Psygnosis' quality control department actually said "yes, that cursor moves quickly enough on an A500, it's not the most frustratingly sluggish thing ever, nobody will complain"?

4 Harlequin (Gremlin) - I can sorta see why others liked this, it does have some good elements, but somehow it's unfocussed and not a great deal of fun.

5 Body Blows (Team 17) - Ashamed to admit I liked this at the time. It was better than Amiga Street Fighter 2, but not by much. Sluggish, cardboard-cutout graphics with lousy animation, a My First Hitting People Game control system with no subtlety or finesse, and generic characterless characters (if you see what I mean)
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