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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Nobody is telling him to shut up.
"you keep going on and on and on and on like a spoiled child. Give it a rest."
"you are trying to force feed the mantra of 'all software should be open source'"

But those who develop are trying to say what they think and they are being ignored.

When I voiced my opinion my main argument was never acknowledged
He replied to you twice, you made it very clear that open source is not for you. What's left to discuss? This is not an argument that needs to have a winner. Your sources won't be released, everybody gets that.

rather in just push ahead the idea of open sourcing everything no matter what developers have to say about it.
I don't get that - do you want to have a say in what wXR is discussing with other developers? I don't get why that would bother you?
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