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Originally Posted by jsr View Post
I only know one program, which can import (palette-based) PNG-s, it's PPaint, but the results are awful. Also it cannot quantize to EHB. (Nor XnView can.)
I don't understand: a palette based picture is 8bit rgb, which is natively supported by PPaint on any 24 bit capable Amiga (AGA or RTG). How can the results being awful? Those pics should be pixel perfect. And i cannot remember any awful encounter during all the years.
And of course can PPaint recalc/remap palettes to EHB or simply a 64color palette. Please explain. PPaint also loads and remaps 24Bit PNGs without any problems.

It almost looks like you want to blame other people's software for the lack of hardware (gfx wise) on your side?
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