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Tutorial: HD installing Tower Assault without whload

i have the original disks but my a500/a590 only has kick 1.3 so the installer doesnt work..

HD installing Tower Assault [floppy] in winUAE:
settings: kick3, wb3, full ram, 4 floppies, a1200, AGA, 100% compatible floppy

using the 4 paradox adfs:

boot from disk 2. when insert blank disk screen comes up, create a blank adf, insert it in df0:

from WB open the new floppy run install.

when it says insert disk 4, put:
disk 1 in df0:
disk 4 in df1:
disk 2 in df2:
disk 3 in df3:

TA will install, cracked & all. i had problems with my version of arp.library, had to copy original from 3.1 setup disks to dh0:libs.
this also works for the ECS version (just turn on ECS in UAE)
sounds & some graphics are different. i havnt played it thru yet but seems to work fine. can be loaded in fellow after install (for ripping audio) but there is no character sprites.

if anyone knows how to rip the mods/pix/sounds etc i'd be very interested
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