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Originally Posted by jsr View Post
And how can ILBM store this? How will this work on my A500+
Based on this there is few opportunities but my point was only related to HW capabilities - as a software creator you are free to ignore any my comments.
And once again any new software for Amiga is more than appreciated.

Originally Posted by jsr View Post
I'll put spatial quantization into PNG2ILBM as an option and i'll see in life, which produces better results on my 1084, with EHB. If you're right, then the overdiffused image of spatial quantization will look better on an old PAL monitor (which is my aim after all).
Same as earlier - purely up to You - from my experience SCQ produce superior results to any other known to me color quantization algorithm - it is slow, memory hog but for 16 colors hard to beat.
Once again Thank You.
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