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Originally Posted by Dunny View Post
I have had some people commit changes to my SVN, but I revert them when it happens.

Lots of odd comments in this thread. From destroying source code rather than releasing it, to the above. Sounds like you have public commit access - not sure that is a good idea - perhaps use a bugtracker so people can submit patchsets for review.

People can licence their code as they like, but IMHO it is beneficial in many cases to have the code open - especially if the software is unlikely to be developed further by the original devs.

I benefit commercially from open source, and work on a number of open projects in my spare time. Certainly without the code being open, some of the projects I have contributed to would be dead now. If the Amiga community had embraced this years ago, I think we would be in a far better situation with software - as already mentioned, in some cases there were developers who intentionally tried to stop their software being run on another Amiga-like platform as they didn't "like it", which affected the OS3 version too. Never made any sense to me.
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