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Originally Posted by wXR View Post
Same for you commodorejohn, you've already made your point. Rather than enter the domain of trolling, how about adding some substance to your argument? A few people have already made legitimate points, such as the fact that "managing" a community of developers can theoretically be distracting, that someone may wish to have eternal full control over a given product, and that the quality of their code may simply make one look bad. Do you have any further thoughts about it? "Someone might not want to" is really not worth writing down, because, well, obviously...
Except for the part where you keep insisting that if we could just present the facts then it would disprove "closed source thinking," as if the only reason anybody could want to keep their source to themselves is because they have directly counter-factual misconceptions. It's typical Internet-zealot rhetoric - "your opinion isn't valid (because of reasons I could totally give but won't, but totally could, believe me,) therefore you can't legitimately believe what you believe, therefore you can't disagree with me."
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