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Originally Posted by Minuous View Post
Well, you don't know that for sure. And what is the harm of having such clauses?
I tried to explain that like five times now Let's just agree to disagree.

I checked your website again, and realised that in addition of the emulator with unlicensed ROMs, most of your games are unlicensed conversions of copyrighted board games. Not that I have a problem with that (like I said, I enjoyed playing "Africa" for a bit), but that fact alone would hinder more widespread distribution anyway.

I would be happy to see that licence used more widely [...] If that licence has gaping holes in it allowing selling, adding of spyware, etc. then it's unlikely anyone else would want to use it.
I'm a total amateur as far as license texts or legalese in general are concerned, and in a single 15 second brainstorming session could come up with a hole in your concept (banner ads) - that's not exactly a seal of quality.

Your license also does not make it clear how derivative works shall be licensed. I could take your source, compile it, and distribute it under the Korodny Public License 1.0 - which contains all your clauses, plus the new clause that people named 'James' are not allowed to do anything with the code.

Like I said - most of the standard licenses out there are decades old, went through several revisions, had armies of lawyers review them, were tested in court... Not sure I'd want to compete with that.

And again, GPL is not your only option. You might want to look at CC-BY-SA (a free license) or CC-BY-SA-NC.
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