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Originally Posted by pandy71 View Post
It can as averaging (related to limited bandwidth) can't be ignored - this is main principle of dithering and noise shaping - thanks to this we have single bit high-end (32 bit) audio converters.
single bit ZD can be translated in genlock electronic to intermediate steps (analog) transparency even with hardswitching genlocks (as they have limited bandwidth/slew rate of switching) and even if they have bandwidth more than 7MHz still there is plenty of other bandlimiting filters (and there is temporal dithering available as option).
And how can ILBM store this? How will this work on my A500+
Originally Posted by pandy71 View Post
Personally i don't care about noise when it provide better psychovisual effect. I was just curious about how Wu will perform against color spatial (as Your observations was contradictory to mine).
SCQ perform obviously better than Wu (15 colors provide picture closer to original) and with typical bandwidth for SCART input in regular TV (around 5 - 6MHz maximum) should provide better visual results thanks to averaging.
Algorithms like Wu provide good results with relatively high number of colors in CLUT (probably somewhere around 64 - 128 colors at least).
I'll put spatial quantization into PNG2ILBM as an option and i'll see in life, which produces better results on my 1084, with EHB. If you're right, then the overdiffused image of spatial quantization will look better on an old PAL monitor (which is my aim after all).
Originally Posted by Thorham View Post
You could also just use Xnview to save images as IFF
I tried to save IFF-s with XnView, but it only can save to IFF as 256-coloured grayscale. I've searched in google, in manual, tried to set the software, but no luck.

Beside, try to use use XnView on BSD or real Amiga. It only supports Linux and Mac OS X (and only the x86 versions on top of that).

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