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Originally Posted by Minuous View Post
I'm referring to the case where the company itself has gone out of business and thus there is no copyright holder.
There is always a copyright holder - just because a company folds, doesn't mean their IP is PD now. It's now owned by the programmers, or whoever bought the remnants of the company, or the banks...

You are well aware of that, that's why you said "effectively PD" not "PD".

What does it matter whether it is "standardized" or not?
It matters to a lot of the people taking care of open source software. The people who could compile your stuff for more platforms, adopt it to SDL or wxWidgets, package it for various Linux distributions (so users can see it listed and install it with a single mouse click), add improvements to it...

You're simple reducing the chances of your code to be widely distributed or actually benefit from being in the open - that's all I'm saying. I brought it up since your custom license is so close to the GPL that it doesn't actually matter for any practical purposes. You keep worrying that some very mean person might insist on sending out the sources via snail mail only ("for a charge no more than your cost of physically performing source distribution") or try to get rich with it. Neither is going to happen. And if somebody wants to screw you, your custom license won't help you one bit.

Could you outline exactly what it is about my licence terms that is not "free"? The only people whose freedom is curtailed are those who would make a quick buck out of someone else's work, or those who would like to add various kinds of malware to it.
It's either "free" or "free for most people/in most cases". Your license is the latter, which makes it incompatible with completely free licenses and limits its usability in a context of free software. We simply disagree on wether how much impact this limitation will have and if your restricting clauses will have any positive effects.
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